Individuals & Relationships

Whole Valley Therapy offers services for adult individuals and relationships. We offer inclusive and affirming care for adults of all identities and relationships. We specialize in meeting the unique needs of folks traditionally underserved by therapy.

Initial Appointment 

Initial appointments help us begin to understand what has brought you to therapy, what your goals are, and a little about your background and present life.

Subsequent Appointments

Each week thereafter, we focus on what you need. Sometimes it may be tending to the specific realities and stressors in your life. We might be practical and pragmatic—problem solving something together.

Other times, you may be ready to delve into a pattern or way of being that isn’t serving you the way it once did. We might be curious about it together, wondering about its origins, function, risks of shifting, and considering alternatives.

Or you may be in a season of growing and learning about your identity, your values, or your relationship with yourself and others.

Regardless, our goal is to make sure your whole self is seen, understood, and supported. 

We listen to you, ask questions, encourage you, challenge you, and bear witness.

Overtime, you will grow to look toward yourself and your experiences in new ways. You will improve your capacity to trust yourself and your ability to find safety, comfort and nurturing in yourself and the world.

You will find a place inside yourself to call “home”.