If your child has recently come out to you as attracted to the same sex (gay or lesbian), attracted to two or more sexes (bi/pan), or as a gender different than they were assigned at birth (transgender, non-binary, pan-gender, etc), you may be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and looking for help wherever you can find it.

Many parents say they feel confused, resistant, shocked, worried, disappointed, scared or sad when they learn this news—regardless of their child’s age. The recent days and months after a child comes out can be fraught with pain, confusion, and overwhelming feelings.

It can also be a time of feeling like the puzzle pieces are falling into a place and you have a clearer picture of who your child is. You may feel joyful knowing that your child is moving toward living authentically, or simply wish you could feel some of that.

Even when parents feel neutral or fully receptive and supportive of this news, they may not know where to turn or what to do next. 

During this time, parents often find themselves asking a brand new set of questions, such as:

  • How do I know if this is a phase?

  • Is my child’s coming out an authentic experience, or are they following a trend?

  • What will we tell the extended family?

  • What does this mean for my child’s future?

In addition to helping you answer some of these and other questions, therapy gives you a separate space to tend to your emotional needs so you can do your best parenting.

In working together, we help parents figure out what these changes mean for you as well as your relationship with your child, your family, your marriage or other significant relationships, and/or your faith.

While we enjoy supporting all families, we have significant knowledge and experience in working with parents of transgender children. We also feel especially drawn to supporting parents of faith who are wondering or struggling with how their beliefs can fit alongside their LGBTQIA+ child.

If your child has recently come out to you, or if you are feeling like it is time to get support around your child’s sexual or gender identity, we encourage you to reach out. Parenting a child already takes a village, but parenting an LGBTQIA+ identifying child often means expanding that village to include professional support.

To set up a 30-minute no cost consultation or to learn more about working together, please call, email or complete the form below.