You need a space that is open, affirming and safe.

You need to have the freedom to question, explore and be who you are without having to worry whether someone understands you or holds judgment for your experience.

You need to be able to define yourself, apply whatever labels you do or don’t want, and be the expert on your own identity.

You need to be able to receive support without doing the emotional labor of educating, or feeling like you are representing your entire community.

We welcome clients who are questioning, exploring or identifying as LGBTQIA+, and provide a protected and safe space for you to authentically engage and do your therapeutic work.

In some cases, you may specifically want support around your gender or sexuality. You may be recently questioning, wondering about coming out, considering some aspect of medical transition, noticing your identity shift overtime or coping with intolerance and discrimination. We speak your language and will treat you competently, compassionately, and with understanding.

In other instances, you may be looking to process unrelated challenges, and would like a space to get support without having to lay the groundwork. You deserve an affirming environment that already recognizes the unique ways your identities intersect with your other experiences. We help people navigate through relationships, parenting, life transitions, trauma, depression, anxiety, and other challenges in a way that honors your whole self.

If you’re specifically in need of a therapist letter of support or consultation for gender affirming we’re here to support you too. Our team wants to make accessing care as easy as possible for you, understanding that you’re already jumping through extra hoops. 

Parents and other family members who may be struggling to understand and navigate life with their loved one’s gender or sexual identity may also find therapy useful. Even when you are fully supportive, it can be a challenge to know what you don’t know and learn how to best support yourself and the important person in your life.

Regardless of your specific needs, you deserve quality, competent and affirming mental health care.

We encourage you to ask whatever questions of our therapists that you need to help make your decision.

You are welcome to contact us via email, phone, or the form below to set up a no cost 30-minute consultation or to discuss the ways in which we can support you. If a Whole Valley therapist is not the best person to support you, we will offer referrals to other affirmating providers.